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"So, basically you're like Amy Poehler's kid sister."

- An agent who respectfully declined to represent me

"You need to shower."

- My girlfriend

When most kids were dreaming of cookies and cake, Courtney Rada was dreaming of riblets and steak. Comedian and Food Lover, Courtney Rada grew up in the restaurant business. As a native of South Jersey, Courtney has always been a fan of farm fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Shout out to “The Garden
State!” Genuinely curious about every meat’s story, Courtney loves to make herself at home in everyone’s kitchen.

In April of 2018, Courtney made her TV Debut on the Food Network’s Ultimate Summer Cook-Off as a guest judge with Chef Eddie Jackson. Since then Courtney’s been launched into a world of hosting and judging on shows such as Food Network/Cooking Channel’s Beat Bobby Flay, Valerie Bertinelli’s Family Food Showdown, Best Thing I Ever Ate and more. In 2017, she hosted several shows on Genius Kitchen, a digital subsidiary of Food Network, including a series called CARNIVOROUS.
Premiering with not one but two brand-new episodes on Sunday, July 14 at 1|12c and 1:30|12:30c, Courtney's hosting skills have taken CARNIVOROUS to the Food Network!

A trained actor and comedian, Courtney’s screen and standup credits include Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Elite Daily, Bustle, HowCast and Amazon.

When not working, you can find Courtney cooking at home, planning her next getaway, editing an Instagram caption, hitting the gym or reading a book she won’t finish. Courtney loves to share a joke, a bite and a laugh with everyone she “meats.”
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